laser therapy & integrative bodywork for pain relief 

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                             range of therapy services,

                             all designed to help you

                             experience your innate well

                             being and move through life

                             with ease and grace.

Lymphedema Management in Tucson can be enhanced by the use of Cold Laser Therapy and Craniosacral balancing.

​Laser Therapy for pain relief and healing after injury is one of the most effective tools used by world class athletes who can't  afford to sit on the sidelines. Whether you're recovering from an injury, dealing with neuropathy, fibromyalgia, or arthritic pain, need help managing lymphedema, or simply want to relax beyond everyday stress, you will find help here. 

Initially, my training in Integrative Bodywork began some 35 years ago with shiatsu, Japanese massage,  acupuncture, and Kiryuho in Tokyo. During the next decades, I was immersed in Craniosacral Therapy, Plant Medicine, Therapeutic Bodywork, and Lymphatic Therapies. 

As a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and compression garment fitter since 2008, I specialize in Breast Cancer Treatment Related Lymphedema, and also see patients at Banner UMC Cancer Center and Arizona Oncology Foundation.

I have been Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork for more than 20 years. Before settling in Tucson in 2001, I had the honor of learning from indigenous healers and herbalists while I worked with international health and education programs in the US, Asia, and Africa.

After discovering the remarkable pain relieving and restorative power of photobiomodulation (laser therapy) for myself and my clients, I now make it available to all who can benefit from it.

Laser Therapy For Pain relief

LIGHTSPEED  approach

   Justine Robbins M.ED, CLT, NCTMB

​    Call for appointments  520-308-1911

I believe in the power of healing and transformation.

LIGHTSPEED is focused on relieving pain

and the causes of pain using the latest laser therapy

 combined with caring and capable integrative bodywork.

Justine Robbins


​ Clients Comments:

  "After suffering from neuropathy for many years, I'd      

  almost given up hope. From the first treatment with the

  laser I began to notice positive changes."  


         -- X. Casteneda

  "Justine"s unique approach to lymphatic drainage helped

  me through the worst of breast cancer treatment

  related lymphedema. I feel better, I move better, and I

  know how to manage this now! "

         -- M. McDougal

  "I love that Justine took the time to learn about me 

  before presenting a treatment plan that ultimately

  brought about real pain relief in my knees."

          -- S. Peters

  "I use the Theralase laser to keep my throwing arm 

  healthy. It reduces fatigue and allows me to play at my

  peak, game after game."

         --Roy Halladay, Pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays

  "As a professional athlete I have tried many treatments 

  over the years to help me recover from injury.  in my

  first week using Theralase I noticed immediate relief to

  my injured foot, the result was unlike any laser I had

  used in the past."

      --Perdita Felicien, World Champion Track & Field